Payments-as-a-service platform for Bitcoin users

Bylls is a Bitcoin payments and exchange service which allows Canadians to pay bills and send bank transfers to Canadian individuals and businesses with Bitcoin.

Who we are

Bylls is 100% self-funded. No investors, no outside influence, completely independent.

Bylls is owned and operated by Satoshi Portal, Canada’s leading Bitcoin financial services startup.

Bylls is the world’s first dedicated Bitcoin bill payment service! It was founded in 2013 at the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal.

Francis Pouliot is the CEO since 2015. Bylls is backed by four directors of the Bitcoin Embassy, world’s first Blockchain hub (est. June 2013).

We want a decentralized and private financial system based on Bitcoin to enable our users to avoid banks and opt-out from fiat currencies.

We partner with miners, exchanges, brokers, Bitcoin investors, developers and startups. We provide liquidity and settlement services.

Why Bitcoin users love Bylls

Software developer

I generate Bylls invoices linked to my bank account for a client that pays me in Bitcoin. Bylls converts the bitcoins automatically to Canadian dollars and takes care of the settlement to my bank in a few days.”

Company with Bitcoin income

“My company has income in Bitcoin and we use Bylls to pay our staff with direct deposit. We also pay our landlord, some utilities and some of our suppliers. It reduces FX conversion rates and delivery time of payments.”

Altcoin investor

“I use Bylls to pay off my credit cards debts as soon as the price of cryptocurrencies goes up. Like that I can secure my profits easily and hedge my risks.”

Bitcoin miner from British Columbia

“I pay my hydro bills directly from the bitcoins I mine. No need for a bank account. Always available with fast service.”

Meet the team

Francs Pouliot - CEO

Bitcoin expert and industry thought leader since 2013. Former economist and policy analyst, he is co-founder of Satoshi Portal and Satoshi Counter, director of the Bitcoin Embassy, board member of Bitcoin Foundation and advisor at the OSC. His goal: drive Bitcoin adoption and establish an international standard for professional cryptocurrency brokerage operations.

Leila Najim - General Manager

Leila is responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration. She acts as the right hand of Francis. She has a professional background in International Relations, project management and business development.

Arthur Gerbelot - Lead Developer

Full-stack developer specialized in web technologies, building the Satoshi Portal tech infrastructure using cutting edge technologies. Previously at BusBud and MindGeek. Won the Ontario Securities Commission hackathon for the Keystamp project. Experience with MeteorJS, Bitcoin and payment APIs.

Paul Lafeuillade - Web Developer

Back-end / integration developer specialized in web technologies (PHP, Javascript). Paul works on our payments and API integrations.

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